Britannica Image Quest

Britannica Image Quest


The Question

ImageQuest was one of several educational products Britannica had launched when converting to digital. Its main attribute was the high number of curated images offered to the public without copyrights. Its issues were related to the organization and management of images, and how they were shared with other users.


My Challenge

Throughout a few brainstorming sessions we decided new ways to enhance the user experience. I had extensive previous experience with image management tools and I had no problem imagining new features. My problem was how to implement some new features without completely redesigning the site, as well as incorporating feedback from users at the same time (as usual, time and development resources were limited).


What I did

I had access to some feedback from users and other received from them by the sales team as well. I first improved the log-in process, and then focused on designing a simple and clear way to organize images into folders, and setting up the rules for sharing content based on user roles and permissions. At the same time, the site had to have clear visual feedback of all the actions undertaken by users, something which had caused much confusion to users before.