Shop Your Way Give Together

Shop Your Way Give Together


The Question

The Gift Registry at Sears' Shop Your Way was new and visually appealing, but it had not been updated or improved upon after its release. We had also received feedback from customers who would like to have some system to give group gifts to registrants, a feature which was already present in some other digital retailers

My Challenge

Since I had never used a registry list, my first task was to use and evaluate gift registries from different retail companies; I visited a few of them in person, posing as a customer, to create gift registries, talk to the associates, and create my mental model of the whole experience both in store and online.


What I did

I then conducted an expert review of the SYW Gift Registry, and grouped the issues found depending on their importance in order to fix them. After this. I was able to begin the design of Group Give, which purpose was to allow registrants to receive gifts in money to be added toward the purchase of more expensive products.

Based on what I had learned from the other registries and similar services, I had a good idea of how such system should work. Initially I created static wireframes using Visio, but in order to better represent the experience of both the registrant and the buyer, I decided later to switch to interactive prototypes with Axure, since some of the user problems with the site had to do with visual feedback and animated transitions. Also, after a first round of usability testing, we decided to incorporate some more colloquial messaging into the experience.

Link to wireframes and prototypes: (registrant view). (contributor view).