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LaunchPacks Authentication and Login


The Question

Encyclopaedia Britannica had made a successful conversion from the traditional book-printer of old to a modern digital-content publisher. The decision to separate digital products into general public and educational institutions had been key. After a first year of existence for Packs, now we had to focus on incorporating the feedback from teachers and solving the pain points of the experience.


My Challenge

A critical pain-point at the time was the way users accessed the site and how they authenticated themselves and logged in. Since institutional subscriptions were meant to be different to personal free accounts, there was a discordance for users between authenticating with their institution credentials and logging in with a personal account in order to have a personalized experience, which for many of them were one and the same.


What I did

I redesigned the log-in process visually and conceptually, making a clear distinction between the "umbrella" access provided by the subscribed institution and the user's personal account. Since we were creating several new features to make the product more efficient (schedule and calendar, annotations for articles, improved navigation, and others), it was very important to motivate teachers to create personal accounts so they could use those features. Along all these efforts, an important component were the usability tests we conducted to gather feedback from teachers.

Link to wireframes and prototype:

Final aspect of the Authentication-Login drawer.

Final aspect of the Authentication-Login drawer.