Humana Insurance Edits Search

Humana Insurance Edits Search


The Question

Insurance companies make updates to their policies every year, and are legally required to communicate such changes to providers in advance. Humana was complying with this rule by posting a list of PDF documents with all the policy edits, one new document each trimester. The users had to browse through a large number of PDFs (with each document containing between 200 and 300 updates) in order to find specific policy changes.


My Challenge

I needed to create a searching tool to allow the users a quick access to specific updates. Also, I had to consider accessibility for Spanish speaking users, as Humana had offices and providers in Puerto Rico as well. My first task was to understand all the different kinds of data that those updates notifications included, and how that information could be better conveyed.


What I did

We created the search tool after analyzing the ways which an actual user, who might not know what the updates were about, might conduct his search. For instance, choosing between a "Keyword" search for users without previous knowledge, and "Code" for knowledgeable users, was a first decision point. On a second level would be choosing between recent updates notifications (last trimester), or previous ones; and so on. I also dedicated much time and effort into creating a useful set of filters for refining searches, first understanding the taxonomy of the notifications data and then improving (simplifying) on that.